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Getting a Perfect Fit

Babies come in all shapes and sizes, so we believe in diaper fit guidelines, not hard and fast rules. It’s also why we have five sizes of gPants to fit your baby’s changing shape, so you’ll always have the most comfortable and effective diaper. And remember: you know your baby best, so trust your gut. These tips are based on fit testing and customer feedback, and if you have any questions, please contact us. We’d love to learn about your little one and make sure he is getting the most comfortable fit possible.

Sizing for gDiapers:

First off, here’s the sizing guide for gPants:

  • Newborn: for brand new babies 6 - 10 lbs.
  • Small: for babies 8 - 14 lbs.
  • Medium: for babies 13 - 28 lbs.
  • Large: for babies 22 - 36 lbs.
  • Extra Large: for babies 34 + lbs.

Next, here’s the sizing guide for Disposable Inserts:

  • N-S Disposable Inserts: fits inside newborn and small gPants.
  • M-L-XL Disposable Inserts: fits inside medium, large, and extra large gPants.

Here's a handy visual sizing reference:

Some babies will move up to a large between nine and twelve months only to come back down to a medium when their mobility increases. Start with our sizing guide and adjust accordingly to fit your unique baby.

Fitting gDiapers on your baby

  1. Put your baby's bum on the back third of the diaper.
  2. Close up the diaper holding the pouch, not the cloth gPants. The right fitting diaper will keep the pouch trim in the crease where the leg meets the body (just like your underwear!). The trim of the pouch forms a waterproof seal, keeping messes contained.
  3. Next, gently pull it all up nice and high. gDiapers have a higher rise than many other diapers and should sit on the natural waistline, not down on the hips.
  4. Gently secure the velcro tabs around the back. You won’t need to stretch or over-engage the elastic.

Solving leaks

As with all diapers, leaks are bound to happen now and then. If it’s happening frequently, you may need to switch diaper sizes for your growing baby. But before you make the switch, make sure you’ve checked the following:

    • Change diapers often: no matter what brand you’re using, change diapers every two to three hours, and more often if you’re using cloth inserts. This prevents leaks. And since our pouch is made with gBreathe technology, your baby’s skin will “breathe” while still wearing a diaper, meaning less diaper rash and healthier skin!
    • Leaks high up on the leg or near the waistband: gPants may be too tight. If the gPants are secured too tightly, the pouch could be pulled, leaving gaps around the four snap tabs. Try securing the gPants a bit looser (you should easily be able to slide a finger under the waistband of gPants).
    • Leaks between the legs: gPants may be riding too low, causing a gap in the pouch around the crease. Try pulling the diaper up a bit higher when changing her, ensuring the pouch trim is in the crease of baby’s leg. It could also indicate that your pouches need replacing.
    • Leaks with Cloth Inserts: if you have been using Cloth Inserts with success, but now they’re leaking, they may have lost some absorbency and need to be stripped. Please follow our stripping tips here.
  • A little note about little boys: remember when changing boys to point the penis down. When it’s pointed up, you’ll get leaks every time. It’s also especially important to pull the diaper up high in front for best coverage.

Red marks and indentations

Indents and light red marks are normal and not cause to worry. These are just like the fit marks we get from socks or bras. If your baby has deeper or painful-looking red marks, however, check the following:

gPants may be over-tightened. gPants are designed so you don’t actually need to pull them tight or over-engage the elastic. This can be an adjustment if you’ve been using traditional disposables, where you pull the elastic tabs. As long as the trim on the pouch is flush against baby’s skin and there are no gaps, you should have a good fit. Also, make sure the snaps are sitting on the fleshy part above the hips and not on the hipbones. 

If you’ve secured the diaper properly, but it still leaves irritated red marks, it may be time to move a diaper size up. And it just means your baby is growing!

Bunching is normal

Please note that Disposable Inserts and Cloth Inserts can bunch inside the pouch. This is normal and does not lead to leaks. It also doesn’t make the diaper less effective. Another reason why we’ve made pouches to be easily cleaned: they’ll catch the rest of the mess that the inserts miss. Bunching happens because baby’s thighs compress the insert. In fact, bunching happens in traditional disposable diapers too, it’s just not as noticeable.


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