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Cloth Inserts Care

Cloth inserts care

gDiapers Cloth Inserts are easy to care for if you treat them kindly. Avoid using any type of barrier/diaper cream as they are extremely difficult to remove and will affect the absorbency of the cloth fibers. Do not use bleach or detergents with added softeners or enzymes, as they will eat away at the fibers and your inserts will no longer function as well.

We recommend 2 different ways to store dirty Cloth Inserts:

  • Dry pail method - After putting any solid waste in the toilet, place soiled or wet Cloth Inserts in a lidded pail. You can sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on the bottom of the pail to help control odors. Baking soda is safe to use with your Cloth Inserts. When it’s time to do the laundry, simply empty the whole pail into the washing machine. Any large bucket with a lid will work as a diaper pail.
  • Wet bag method - A wet bag is a waterproof, zipped bag that you fill with your wet inserts (again, removing solid waste into the toilet first). On laundry day you can dump the contents of the bag into the washing machine, along with the bag itself.

Choose a detergent that is cloth diaper friendly. No added whiteners, brighteners or enzymes. Use only half the amount of detergent that you would use on a regular load of laundry, this prevents detergent build up (which can affect the absorbency). A little bit of detergent, hot water, and the agitation from your machine is enough to disinfect your Cloth Inserts. It is very likely that your Cloth Inserts will show staining. This is normal. Cloth Inserts can be laid in the sun while damp to help fade stains naturally, without damaging the fibers.

Stripping Cloth Inserts

Occasionally Cloth Inserts will seem to become less absorbent. This can be due to detergent build-up or from the use of barrier/diaper creams (which we do not recommend using with Cloth Inserts). You can strip your inserts to get their absorbency back up.

How to Remove Detergent or Hard Water Build-Up

For detergent or hard water build up, you can boil your Cloth Inserts. Put them on the stove top in a large pot and boil for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes check the water. If there is any film or residue on the water, repeat the process until the water boils clean.

How to Remove Diaper Cream Build-Up

Barrier/diaper creams can quickly decrease absorbency in Cloth Inserts, regardless of brand. If you need to strip your Cloth Inserts of diaper cream build up, apply a dot of blue Dawn dish soap on each insert and scrub with a soft brush. After you have done this, wash them in the machine on hot, without detergent. Check the machine after the cycle has completed. If there are any bubbles still present, run them through another hot wash without detergent until there are no more traces of bubbles. Then dry them normally in a hot dryer.

If you need to use a diaper cream on your baby, use in conjunction with flushable Cloth Liners, strips of cellulose that lay on top of Cloth Inserts and protect the cloth from damaging effects of diaper creams. Flushable Cloth Liners also help with removing solid waste.

Noticing Damp gPants?

Do baby’s gPants feel damp with Cloth Inserts? Don’t worry—it’s not a leak. Cloth Inserts have four layers of fabric: two layers of hemp/cotton that hold moisture, and two microfleece layers that pull moisture away from baby’s skin. These microfleece layers sit next to the waterproof pouch, which is permeable to vapor, allowing airflow to baby’s skin. The waterproof pouch won’t let liquid pass through, but if the microfleece layers are at capacity, they can emit vapor through the pouch, causing a damp feeling.

This can be surprising for some parents since traditional disposable diapers, and most cloth diaper covers, contain a plastic or synthetic layer that inhibits wetness and airflow, which are contributing factors to diaper rash. Our pouches are made of a breathable, water-resistant nylon, which allows air to circulate against baby’s skin and reduces the likelihood of diaper rash.

Here’s what to do if you’re feeling dampness:

  • Change Cloth Inserts more frequently. (If your baby is peeing more than usual, she may just be going through a growth spurt.)
  • Wash pouches properly in warm water (no bleach, no vinegar) and either air dry or tumble dry on low heat.



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