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Gather ‘round for our favorite holiday traditions

December 22, 2015

‘Tis the season for celebrating, and there are lots of ways to celebrate. It’s also the season for sharing, so we’ve shared below a few of our favorite holiday pastimes. What are some of your traditions?

“My siblings and I have our picture taken with Santa every year – still, even now that we’re adults. My mom and dad started this tradition together when they first began dating and have done it ever since 1980!” – Emily (US)


“In the Danish tradition we have live candles on the tree and hold hands while we sing English and Danish songs and hymns.” – Louise (UK)


“I make a wreath from the garden foliage, and I always cook a ham using the Nigella Cola recipe!” – Gemma (UK)


“We buy a new Christmas decoration to add on to the tree each year.” – Elizabeth (UK)


“During Advent we do wreaths, and each Sunday in Advent we light another candle. And we eat tons of ‘Lebkuchen’ (gingerbread style cookies) and ‘Plätzchen’ (special Christmas cookies).” – Claudia (Germany)


“My mom made Orange Snails from scratch every Christmas morning. She still does, even though all of her kids are out of the house.” – Jala (US)

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“We always adopted a family. We shopped together and made piles for each family member. A week or so before Christmas we’d have a party that included my whole family plus my office. We all ate, wrapped, ribboned and stickered each present. Then we’d play a game and do a gift exchange. My family delivered the “Christmas in red wagons” on Christmas Eve. This year I sent a check to the family we’ve had for the last 6 years. We also support 11 Haitian families. This year we’re providing a venue for them to celebrate, a meal and gave each family money to make another family’s Christmas. We will Skype in on the 23rd, the same day we’re doing our family and office party.” – Jill (US)


Include your stories, links to recipes, etc. in the comments. We’d love to see the diversity of how the g community celebrates!


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