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To our incredible gCommunity

July 1, 2020

So Sorry To Go

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As many of you know, we have been working tirelessly on the next generation of gDiapers products for the last few years. Our hope was to launch the new range of gDiapers in 2020 and phase out the current line.
As it turns out, the universe had other plans for us. Like so many other businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic ground our supply chain to a halt. Not only are we unable to bring our new g innovations to you this year, but our current product supply has also been severely impacted.
With limited inventory we have made the heartbreaking decision to close US operations at the end of July. 
As founders, Kim and I are determined to #BuildBackBetter and open our doors again in 2021. We are taking the opportunity to look at our supply chains, our materials, and incorporate all your fabulous feedback for our new and improved gPants and inserts, along with creative ways to bring our gCycle projects to life in a post-COVID world.  
We wish we could give a clear date for when our new products will be available, but unfortunately it's too soon to say. We appreciate you will have lots of questions about the current product line and what our closure will mean for you. We have done our best to provide answers below, and will be hosting Facebook Lives over the coming weeks if you want to join us.  
We may be closing our shop, but the gCommunity has always been so much more than just diapers. In fact, a big part of our #BuildBackBetter work is to expand our “It Takes a Village to Raise a Parent” platform. Kim and I are looking forward to interacting more with you all as we roll out new programs in August.
In closing Kim and I would like to thank you, our amazing community for all your support. We would also like to thank our brilliant gTeam, both past and present, for their incredible commitment and passion for gDiapers.  
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 

Jason & Kim 
The parents behind gDiapers


Questions and Answers

How long can I buy products on

The shop will remain open through July 31st. 

When will you be out of gPants and Inserts?

Honestly, we don’t know. We will post all remaining items on the shop and will sell through until they’re gone. Sizes and colors of gPants are limited. We hope to have inserts available through the end of July, but can’t guarantee it. 

When will gDiapers be back and in what form? 

We are currently working on new-and-improved gPants and inserts but we don’t have a launch date yet. In addition, our new gCycle product line will be launching in select cities late 2021. We will keep you posted via gDiapers email news and Facebook.

Will the new products work with the current gDiapers?

Yes. We are taking the opportunity to upgrade our gPants but have every intention that our new products will mix and match with current versions.

Can I still buy gDiapers through Amazon?

You can buy gPants and inserts on as long as they have inventory.  While we don’t control their inventory, we expect them to have stock for a number of weeks after our shop is closed. 

Where else can I buy gPants after the shop is closed?

After Amazon, your best resource will be the second hand market. gPants are durable and hold up well for second hand use. Check with other parents on the Official gMum Community Group or these Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook:

gDiapers Free to Fifty
gDiapers Thrifty to Fifty

Will you still have pouches if I buy used gPants second hand?

We have plenty of pouches on hand and are looking at ways to sell these via a 3rd party site after July 31st.

I already have gPants, what other inserts are compatible with them?

Thanks to the magic of the gPants pouch nearly any absorbent material will work with gPants. You should have no trouble finding a suitable insert option. Make sure to join the Official gMum Community Group as well for other recommendations. 

What’s happening to Autoship?

We will fulfill currently scheduled autoship subscription orders through July 31st. We are no longer accepting new autoship subscriptions. The Autoship program will end after July 31st and all active subscriptions will be cancelled at that time. 

Can I still use my gRewards points and vouchers?

You can continue to use your current gRewards points and vouchers through July 31st, but as of July 1 we are no longer awarding new gRewards points. 

How long can I return or exchange products?

Our returns and exchange policy remains in effect with the caveat that all returns and exchanges must be received at our warehouse by August 7, 2020 in order to qualify, and exchanges are limited to stock on hand. Please do not hesitate to initiate your return or exchange if you have one. 

I bought gDiapers as a gift for someone. Can she return them if needed?

Unopened and unused items can be returned within 60 days of purchase for a full refund (minus shipping charges) to the purchasers card.  If the gift recipient would like to return the items for a store credit or size exchange (dependent on inventory levels), the items must be received by August 7th, 2020.  See Returns and Exchanges for details. 

How long can I redeem my gDiapers gift certificates?

Gift certificates must be used by July 31st.

What’s happening to the gMum Facebook Group?

The Official gMum Community Group won’t be going anywhere! Although it won’t be managed by our US-based gTeam any longer, Kim and Jason will manage it from Sydney and would love to still connect with you there! 

Where can I go for gDiapers support after the shop closes?

Customer Service inquiries will be handled as usual until July 31st. After July 31st our founders, Kim and Jason will do their best to answer questions in a timely manner.  If you have questions you can continue to use the email address or Facebook Messenger (Message Us button on the bottom left of our website).  Please have patience in response times as Kim and Jason will be responding from Australia. After July 31st we will no longer be accepting phone calls to the Customer Service phone number.  

I live in Canada, how can I stock up?

We currently sell exclusively through to our Canadian customers. Although they’re currently out of stock, we’re hopeful that they will place an order soon. We will fulfill any orders placed by them until July 31. If you have friends or family in the US or use a cross-border shipping company, you can still place orders on using your Canadian credit card through July 31.


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