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On Location with Jess and James: On Deck.

March 5, 2014

On Deck.

The last time we checked in with our sea-faring family: Jess, James and Rocket, they were sky-bound and headed home to the UK to visit family. Efforts were made to connect this inaugural On Location family with the gNappies crew in London, but a jam-packed schedule filled with family and friends combined with a flurry of winter storms indicated that a gNappies visit would have to be part of a future trip. Jess, James and Rocket are getting ready to set sail and hit the open waters of the Pacific. They’ll leave mid-March and will travel for about a month from Banderas Bay in Mexico to the Marquesas in French Polynesia, roughly 2,700 miles. “It’s all really exciting – this is the BIG one – the biggest, deepest ocean that all sailors dream of,” says Jess. We’ll be following along as they post their adventurous route on their website.


On Board.

They’ll be welcoming a guest on board for the first leg of their long journey. Her name is Gill and she’s a veteran sailor. “We met her in Costa Rica when she was about to crew for someone on a boat going from there to Hawaii. She has also had a baby on a boat when she was sailing in Tahiti and is a retired neo-natal nurse. She now has several grandchildren and can’t wait to give us an extra hand with our boat bubba!”

Speaking of their boat bubba, Rocket is doing what babies do so well: getting bigger. At almost 7 months old and nearing 15 lbs, Rocket is filling out (and filling up!) her medium gPants.

Rolling along in her Go Aloha gPants.

“They seem like such great quality and are holding up really well to our hand-washing and salt-water poo rinse off strategies. I got our medium / large cloth set prepped as soon as we got back from the UK and we’re saving as many as we can of the disposable inserts for the Pacific crossing. We’ve also just started introducing her to some solid foods which is an interesting and messy game. She seems to be interested in it all though. The first things she’s been trying have been little spoonfuls of our morning smoothies. The fresh papaya, banana and avocado one seemed to work particularly well. It’s a messy game so far and I’m already dreading the finite amount of water we’ll have on the Pacific crossing and how best to clean up after her.

But oh my, solid foods do make things change in the poo department, don’t they?!? Funnily enough, it means that the laundry is getting easier as we’re not dealing so much with bright yellow stainey stuff and more like greenish play-doh stuff :) Bet you wanted to know all about that now didn’t you?”

With growth in mind, and some time away from the mainland, Jess is starting to wonder if the medium gPants will be enough to contain this adorable papaya-eating growth machine.
It’s an easy thing to wonder, as babies are their roundest between 5 and 10 months old. Many parents wonder during this time if they’ll be needing to move into larges right away, or even, possibly x-larges.

Solidly in mediums.

But here’s the thing: this is also the time when babies begin to move. When crawling kicks (in and then walking shortly thereafter), those multiple baby rolls begin to melt away and baby begins an incredible transformation. So just when you’re at the edge of the adjustable velcro on medium gPants and you think “we can’t go any further!” there is a very likely chance that all of a sudden baby’s tummy will begin to slim, and those medium gPants will continue to happily hold in all that is baby for another long stretch. There are some babies that do jump up into size larges only to then return to mediums when their mobility kicks in, and indeed some babies move up to larges and there they remain. So it’s a good idea to have your large gPants on hand and at the ready, just in case.

Boat Launch.

Jess and James are prepping the boat for launch day in a few weeks. With so many months at sea ahead, their home on the water needs to be at the top of her game.

“We’re fitting a couple of major new bits of kit to the boat. One is a new windlass (the big motor winch that pulls up our anchor and anchor chain) as our old one died. Next we need to install the Hydrovane we bought. This is going to be something really awesome for our sailing. It’s a form of wind-vane self-steering which means that the boat can hold a course without using any of the power of our autopilot. It’s particularly brilliant for ocean sailing as the winds are all trade-winds so they’re pretty consistent.”

We wish we could be standing at the dock when this family embarks for their next voyage, champagne bottle at the ready (and large gPants, just in case …).
Bon voyage!


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