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gStories: Switching to a new diaper brand

May 1, 2017

Once you start using a particular product brand, it can be difficult to go with something new, right? Brand loyalty is tough to break!

But for Chris and Heather Young, switching to a different brand (a diaper in this case) was a matter of their baby’s health and comfort after she developed severe diaper rash. They’re proof that it’s never too late to change your ways and find what works best for your unique family.

Here’s their story:

Why The Switch

We are a family that switched fairly late in the game to gDiapers. With our daughter, Trinity, we struggled with her skin issues for the first year of her life. We tried disposable diapers, cloth diapers for a couple of weeks, and went back to trying to find a disposable that would work with her skin after her daycare refused to use cloth.

Treating Severe Diaper Rash

In a few more months, it finally came to an end. I picked her up from daycare and her bottom was even more raw than usual. I took her to the doctor to find out that she was on the verge of scalded skin syndrome. He advised going a few days without anything covering her skin until it cleared up.

Switching Diaper Brands

After that, I was bound and determined to find a diaper solution. I got the medium size gPants with the Disposable Inserts. She never had any more skin issues after that. And even better, her daycare was fine using the Disposable Inserts. We never looked back.

Happy gBaby Trinity in her first few days of wearing Great Orange gPants.

Newborn Diapers for gBaby #2

When we found out we were pregnant with our second baby, Denton, we immediately ordered the newborn and small size gPants and Inserts. And now we actually brag about our diapers—ha!

Editor's Note: It’s not uncommon for parents to “brag” about gDiapers. We don’t mind.

Newborn Denton can easily keep those “frog legs” up and tucked with specially-designed newborn gPants. [Photo credit: Smiling Down Photography]

gBaby Denton wearing tiny newborn gPants right from the get-go. [Photo credit: Smiling Down Photography]

Huge kudos to the Young family for making the change and finding what works best for their family! It’s never too late to try something new—and sometimes your baby’s happiness depends on it.

Are you interested in switching to gDiapers? Check out our easy Starter Bundles for everything you need to get you started.


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