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New Episode: Mom Style Tips, It Takes a Village Podcast

April 6, 2017

Today’s episode is a bit different than the last several, because it’s going to focus on gDiapers, the most eco-friendly diaper out there, since they are the only baby product to be Cradle to Cradle certified™ and the inserts can be home compostable (wet ones only). If you haven’t heard about them, they’re disposable diaper inserts that go into super-cute pants. We’re going to chat with Marta Long and Shelly Yost, two moms who know a thing or two about fashion. They’re going to talk about style and how gDiapers fits into it.

Episode Highlights

  • How style changes from trendy to mom-in-her-sweatpants once a baby comes along, even in a very trendy and style-conscious mom.
  • Why a mom might feel just fine about leaving the house not dressed to the nines, and how wearing comfortable clothing can actually be a confidence boost.
  • Some thoughts on how priorities change when a child comes along.
  • How a mom can translate her sense of style to her child’s style with gDiapers.
  • The transition for moms to one child and to two children when it comes to getting dressed and wearing makeup.
  • The mom-bob: What it is and why some moms want it.
  • How Shelly used LuLaRoe leggings to satisfy her sense of style.

    Links from Contributors:

    Shelly’s Store

    Quotes From This Episode:

    “I could get up earlier than [my daughter] does to get myself ready, but I’ve found that I’m happy sleeping as much as I can.” -Marta
    “Motherhood is tough. If we can feel our best dressing comfortably, that’s one less barrier that we have.” -Marta
    “About two months into having my first daughter, I got a mom-bob.... I tried to have it rocker-chick style.” -Shelly

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      Meet the host: DJ Waldow

      DJ Waldow is a husband, father (of 4... including TWINS!), and a 7-year gDiapers user—his children, not him. He's an advocate, a super-fan, and an overall lover of the gDiaper brand, product, and community. DJ also happens to have his own marketing company, 3LTRZ, where he helps clients with content creation—like podcasts. DJ has launched 3 (now 4) podcasts over the years, recording over 100 episodes!


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