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New Episode: Single Parenting Challenges, It Takes a Village Podcast

April 18, 2017

Many people find themselves in the often-difficult position of being a single parent. My guest today, Jessica, has been raising her daughter as a single parent. Jessica talks about some of the challenges she has faced, and she has some tips to share on things she has learned along her journey as a single parent. Listen in as Jessica gives some great advice for not just single parents, but for all parents as well.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jessica’s decision to be a single parent
  • How Jessica’s family and faith provide support to her
  • The dynamics of dealing with a different set of rules between her home and her daughter’s father’s home
  • Why is is so important for single parents to put aside pettiness and focus on what’s best for their child
  • How Jessica’s daughter handles the split-time between her two homes
  • The relationship Jessica has forged with her daughter
  • The positive aspects of being a single parent
  • Jessica shares her advice to other single parents

Quotes From This Episode:

“The hardest thing single parents will have to do is get along with the other person (parent) when they don’t want to.”
“Single parents should humble themselves, check the pettiness.”
“You have a choice on how you’re going to make it a positive relationship.”

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    Meet the host: DJ Waldow

    DJ Waldow is a husband, father (of 4... including TWINS!), and a 7-year gDiapers user—his children, not him. He's an advocate, a super-fan, and an overall lover of the gDiaper brand, product, and community. DJ also happens to have his own marketing company, 3LTRZ, where he helps clients with content creation—like podcasts. DJ has launched 3 (now 4) podcasts over the years, recording over 100 episodes!


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