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Podcast Episode: Guilt

March 14, 2017

Guilt: It’s something that we all experience, but it could be more prevalent once you become a parent. Mom guilt, dad guilt, working parent guilt -- there are more types of guilt than can be named, and most parents feel it at some point! Left unchecked, guilt can build upon itself. The good news is that while you might always experience it to some extent, guilt is a manageable feeling.
Kim Graham-Nye, one of the co-founders of gDiapers, talks to us today about the guilt she has as a parent. She still struggles with it, but she’s found ways to deal with it. If you experience guilt, and you probably do, be sure to tune in to learn some strategies for handling it.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Kim ended up being a working parent, including her background and early career history and how she got into having her own company.
  • When Kim’s mother-guilt took hold and why it became overwhelming. She talks about what she felt guilty about, but as a mom and as a business-owner.
  • How leaving her company for a few months gave her needed perspective as far as guilt and family life was concerned.
  • Why guilt is universal, particularly among moms and how it does not discriminate between working and stay-at-home parents.
  • Kim’s thoughts on work-life balance and why it’s so elusive.
  • Why unrealistic expectations can lead to guilt.
  • Thoughts on the differences between mommy-guilt and daddy-guilt.

    Links From Contributors:

    Kim on LinkedIn
    Great Dates: A Romantic’s Guide to Sydney

    Quotes From This Episode:

    “There was guilt around everything on the parenting front and on the work front.”
    “Mama-guilt has been universal since the beginning of time.”
    “Guilt is completely useless; all it does is drain us. And yet, we give so much energy to it.”


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      Meet the host: DJ Waldow

      DJ Waldow is a husband, father (of 4... including TWINS!), and a 7-year gDiapers user—his children, not him. He's an advocate, a super-fan, and an overall lover of the gDiaper brand, product, and community. DJ also happens to have his own marketing company, 3LTRZ, where he helps clients with content creation—like podcasts. DJ has launched 3 (now 4) podcasts over the years, recording over 100 episodes!


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