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Shop to Support Syrian Refugees with Our UpCyclers

February 13, 2017

We teamed up with our Official gDiapers UpCyclers to create something a little different for you this Valentine’s Day: Introducing the gLove Collection.

We gave our UpCyclers limited edition gLove fabric, and they worked their magic to make one-of-a-kind products for you to shop! With each sale, you’re supporting Carry the Future, which helps refugee families worldwide. So let’s #LeadWithLove and start shopping by clicking the pics below! (And bonus: there are even more products in each UpCycler’s shop.)


Anna Collins
Honey Suckle Handmades
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Jeannette Betlinski Coleman
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Jaimey Buquet
Lovey Doodle Designs
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Ruth Salguero
Lil Monkey Business
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Jennifer Wilson
Stitched with Luv
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Amy Kushner-Wilson
brooklyn birds design
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Becki Smith
Munchkin Madness Makes
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Nikki Newman
Little Copper Kisses
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Jess Shepherd
Scallywag Frames
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Sherynne Shillingford-Reed
Pretty Juicy Tots
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Melanie Powells
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Marie Cully
Marie's gBoutique
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Amy Shepard
Your Fluffy Fix
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Emma Burnett
Sew Hackey
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Jana Hill-Dyble
Floppy Ears and Curly Whiskers
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Minna Ekval
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Kajsa Gustavsson
Hello Kid
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Who are these gDiapers UpCyclers?

Each gMum has a unique story to tell about giving new life to old g’s and what this project means for them. Read on, and maybe they’ll inspire you too!

Marie Cully, Marie’s gBoutique
gMum for: 4 years

Marie loves to sew, and she loves the idea of making g’s last forever in each product she creates. Here’s what she says about why she specifically works with g:

For me, the “g” logo means the glue. Glue holds us together in unity like our families and those involved in this project. That’s why there’s a little “g” on every item I upcycle.

We can all make the world a better place by being there, caring, listening, and learning. Give a smile, hug, or wave—you never know how someone may be feeling that day. A little gesture goes a long way. The fabric for this project suits this idea brilliantly.

We need to stand up and fight for what's right, and I will never forget my involvement in this project.

Ruth Salguero, Lil’ Monkey Business
gMum for: 6.5 years

Ruth specializes in making coming-home outfits for babies and rainbow babies. These outfits represent such special moments in our lives that we all share in our tightly-knit gVillage. On why this project is special to her, she writes:

gDiapers are not like a regular diaper. They carry a special meaning. They become a part of your family and your child's life. I love to upcycle gDiapers because I know how special outgrown gPants are to a gMum. Being able to continue to use a diaper as a shirt, dress, or even a patch of a very loved diaper is so special.

The meaning behind the print is very inspiring. A “XO” means a kiss and a hug, and when someone is hurting, those can mean the world. It can make someone believe in human love and can give someone the strength to keep going.

Sheryne Shillingford-Reed, Pretty Juicy Tots

gMum for: 4 years

Sheryne started upcycling matching dresses for her daughter’s gPants. Her ideas took off from there, and she even used her wedding dress to create upcycled gPants for her daughter’s blessing! She believes that there’s great love in little details and to always ask for help:

Making the world a better place has to be through little everyday things we do; it's an attitude. It's so easy to be single-minded and forget others around you. And it’s easy to keep quiet when we're in need.

Just opening up to someone and asking for help can help them to help you. It's not always about being there for others, but sometimes it’s about asking them to be there for you. To keep up the normalisation of being in need so we aren't ashamed.

Just like this project—it has so much thought and love behind it. A whole community coming together to help others, to help strangers. Hopefully it will spiral and we see much more of it!

Becki Smith, Munchkin Madness Makes
gMum for: 2.5 years

Becki is passionate about community and helping others, one step at a time. She’s very busy expecting her second gBaby in August and staying an active member of our community. She just raves about what fellow UpCyclers can accomplish!

I love seeing all the beautiful recovers that some of the other Official UpCyclers have done. Marie's (Marie's gBoutique) Dino Bums are amazing. My favorite item that I have upcycled are my compact mirrors covered in gPrints!

When I started using gDiapers, I just thought they were a great product—I never thought they would inspire me so much to start a new business and become an official UpCycler. I have made some great friends, and I’ll be part of the gFamily long after we have stopped using nappies.

I hope that I can use the “g” to help inspire other moms and dads the same way it has inspired me: to give love and support whoever is in need, no matter what culture we’re from.

Jaimey Buquet, LoveyDoodle Designs
gMum for: 10+ years

Jaimey’s upcycling business has grown over the years, and so has her passion for our gCommunity. From embroidery to ruffles to hair ties, Jaimey finds inspiration everywhere:

I have loved g's since the first flush when I was still pregnant. Many of my closest friends have come through the gCommunity. We truly come together in the time of need, whether supporting a friend during a health crisis in their families or when there is a financial struggle, we always seem to come together and help.

If the world could take one thing from this amazing group, I would suggest looking for more ways they can help and be of service. Love is what makes the world a better place. And I can't imagine a better design than gLove as a symbol for this project.

We are so grateful to all the UpCyclers for pouring their hearts into this special roundup. Together we can #LeadWithLove and discover new ways to support each parent and child, no matter where they are in the world.


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